New morning.

Composed on
July the 12th, 2024

I finally decided to do something with my website. It has been stuck like forever, and I really wanted to have a personal place for my music and gather other things.

I'm having a little blog too, where I plan to write just little updates, like this one. Apart from music, I've always had an interest in computer and technology, I usually think of a nerd/geek of myself. From time to time I've found myself lost in some little computer problem, a new piece of hardware, a software issue or a simple need transformed in a programming challenge. That's why there will be a computer related section of this website, about experiments (mostly on linux and/or python): things I had to try to solve using long and trying searches around the web, forgotten forum threads, unsolved issues posted by somebody who was so frustrated that gave up or didn't bother to post the solution.

So, that's it... Welcome to my little island!