Jack Switch

Jack Switch is a simple insert switcher for jack clients.

If you need to easily switch outputs of your jack program (e.g. testing equalization or compression against raw output, different output device or reverb type, ...), then jack_switch might be helpful.

jack_switch can be used for both stereo and mono audio interfaces, has a tray icon enabled by default (that can be disabled via command line) and supports a simple global keyboard shortcut interface.
Once activated it shows the available outputs, that can be also enabled or disabled using numbers on your keyboard.

Keep in mind that this is a simple tool, still in development; it is intended for simple "on the go" tests, and cannot be used for high-end projects. I will try to add a buffer support to avoid sync problems, anyway.

Jack Switch can be downloaded from my GitHub repository.

jack_switch is distributed WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, it's just a script I made up because I needed it, and I thought it might be useful to other users like you.