I use a Linux only system from more than 10 years now. Even if the latest 4-5 years showed a bigger interest in this platform, a lot of programs are still available for OSX and Windows only.

In 2016 I bought my first hardware synthesizer, the Waldorf Blofeld. There are a couple of editors available for (or usable on) Linux, but I was not very satisfied with their features. Then, I decided to begin what became my biggest software project so far.

Bigglesworth is a cross-platform editor and librarian for the Blofeld, and is available for both Linux, OSX and Windows.


It is still a work in progress, but, even if some things I have in mind are not available yet, it already is pretty usable.

Among its main features, there is:

  • a library manager, which lets you organize all your Blofeld sound library;
  • a cool editor with custom designed widgets that supports every aspect of a sound;
  • a wavetable editor;
  • full USB/MIDI compatibility;
  • external sound and soundset import from MIDI or SysEx files;

And, obviously, it is free (as in free beer) and open source!

If you are interested, just visit the official Bigglesworth website, join the Facebook page or browse the GitHub repository.

Bigglesworth is written in Python, using PyQt4 framework, pyalsa for MIDI on Linux and rt-midi on OSX and Windows.