HexChat @nick completion for Gitter

Composed on
January the 25th, 2024

Gitter is a chat room system used by GitHub developers, that has an IRC "gateway" which allows users to access it via any IRC client; I usually have HexChat connected, then I prefer to use it instead of having yet another webpage open somewhere.

Since IRC mentions use simple suffix characters ("nickname: message") this doesn't work well with Gitter, which uses a much modern @nickname style; then I created a small Python script that allows this.

It works exactly like the default behavior, you begin typing the letters of the nick you want to refer to, then press the <TAB> key for completion. It's easy as it gets: it automatically adds the @ before the nickname and lets you cycle between all nicknames in the current room that match the letters you wrote.

Just as the other plugins, it has its small GitHub repository: